Bob Kuehne leads Blue Newt Software, a consultancy that specializes in helping clients enhance their 3D graphics applications. Formerly Technical Lead for the OpenGL Shading Language at Silicon Graphics, Inc., Bob has been involved with OpenGL since it was created, in roles ranging from programmer to shader compiler developer to SIGGRAPH presenter. He has also been a Macintosh developer since the early 1990s.

J. D. Sullivan is an OpenGL driver engineer who has been writing graphics software professionally for more than 15 years. While at Silicon Graphics, Inc., he was one of the original designers and implementers of the Volumizer API and later worked as part of the OpenGL software team focused on the Cobalt and Krypton graphics chipsets. Since SGI, J. D. has worked on the Mac as his primary development platform, and he serves on the OpenGL Architecture Review board.

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